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Brand Systems Design

I specialize in establishing and expanding Brand & Design Systems. This means defining initial brand strategy, solidifying brand identity, developing a brand style guide, and crafting various brand extensions and uses. A company can then take this and develop their brand through a variety of touchpoints with documented guidelines and consistency.

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Case Study: Arnold Palmer Hospital


In order to gain instant recognition and familiarity with the Arnold Palmer Hospital brand, it is important that Arnold Palmer Hospital reflect a consistent approach in visual and verbal communication. Arnold Palmer Hospital’s patient care is world class; their level of communication should be the same. I created a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and design templates to help provide standards and principles for creating and producing Arnold Palmer Hospital marketing and communication materials. These guidelines are now the foundation for creative initiatives by both internal departments and outside agencies.

Case Study: Code School


Code School is one of the most popular online platforms for technical education. The site teaches web technologies in the comfort of your browser with video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts. With the help of the Envy Labs design team I oversaw creative efforts for the site from its inception. Over the last year we put a lot of time and effort into refining and crafting the visual language and design systems of the site—primarily by establishing a hierarchical system of typography, an expanded color palette, consistent iconography, and a vast UX design system to ensure the user experience was properly branded, immensly enjoyable, and founded on solid principles.


I consult on select design projects (Creative/Art Direction, UI design), and brand consulting projects (Strategy, Identity, Collateral). I am not taking on new work in 2013, and I have limited availability for 2014.

Work With Me

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I prefer not to sign NDAs. If this is a requirement for you, there will be an additional fee to sign your NDA. All clients will be required to sign my Services Agreement, and a mutually agreed-upon Scope Agreement.