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I've had the privilege over the years to speak around the world on several topics I'm very passionate about. I'm thriled with each opportunity I have to share and would love to consider your event. Please get in touch and let's talk details!

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I prepare a small number of lectures each year based on topics I'm most passionate about sharing. These are listed in more detail below. If you'd like to request additional topics please contact me.

  • A Study In Pixels

    In this session we explore current statistics related to world poverty, education, and how the increase in internet penetration can make a real difference. As designers and developers, we make the internet — as such, what we make directly impacts the world in which we live. As we learn to design for the other side of the screen we realize that the work we do is just just about pixels, it's about people.

    Given at BD Conf, ConvergeFL, Front-End Design Conference

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  • Three Pipe Problems

    There are real problems to be solved in this world—Three Pipe Problems. Design can solve these problems. We're designers, which means we get the opportunity and the privilege to solve them. What are we doing with that opportunity? This talk explores that very question. We'll look back at design history, discuss how design solves problems, why design matters, and how to change the world around us with design.

    Given at numerous events including Front-End Design Conference, Creative Mornings, re:build Conference, BlendConf, FullSail Live, and experience{dev}.

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I'm also writing and preparing material around the following subjects:

  • Engaging Your Community
  • Social Marketing & Engagement for Non-Profits
  • Design + Economics
  • Poverty, Education, & Economic Development
  • Leading & Managing Teams
  • Design Professionalism


In addition to lecturing at major events around the world, I regularly speak at local community events, workshops, and was one of the original instructors at Code School. My Code School course on Responsive Design continues to be one of the most popular courses.


BD Conf Orlando
A Study In Pixels — November, 2014

Converge Florida
A Study In Pixels — October, 2014

Front-End Design Conf
A Study In Pixels — August, 2014

Boston, 2014

Blend Conf
Three Pipe Problems — Charlotte, 2013

Creative Mornings
Three Pipe Problems — 2013

Front-End Design Conf
Three Pipe Problems — June 2012

The East Wing
Podcast — August 2012<

Rails Way Conf
Berlin — June 2012

A Mobile Design Process — April 2012

What You Can Expect (just kidding...a little)

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