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I like to talk to myself, and sometimes to others.

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I've had the opportunity to speak at a number of events over the years including re:build 2012, Front End Design Conference, Creative Mornings, OSCON, Experience:Dev, BuildConf, BD Conf, Converge, and RailsWayCon in Berlin. I've created two courses on Code School, and have written two books on design and branding.

I'd love to speak at your event, but due to my work and family schedule I can only accept a few engagements each year. Please feel free to get in touch.

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I'm passionate about teaching, challenging, and encouraging others to become better designers, and better humans. I'm most interested in sharing about the following subjects:

  • Design As Problem Solving
  • Design + Economics
  • Poverty, Education, & Economic Development
  • Leading & Managing Teams
  • Design Professionalism

Highlighted Talks

  • A Study In Pixels

    In this session we explore current statistics related to world poverty, education, and how the increase in internet penetration can make a real difference. As designers and developers, we make the internet — as such, what we make directly impacts the world in which we live. As we learn to design for the other side of the screen we realize that the work we do is just just about pixels, it's about people.

    Given at the 2014 Finale of Front-End Design Conference, and 2014 Converge Florida

  • Three Pipe Problems

    There are real problems to be solved in this world—Three Pipe Problems. Design can solve these problems. We're designers, which means we get the opportunity and the privilege to solve them. What are we doing with that opportunity? This talk explores that very question. We'll look back at some design history, discuss how design solves problems, why design matters, and how to change the world around us through design.

    Given at the 2012 Front-End Design Conference, Creative Mornings, 2012 re:build Conference, 2013 BlendConf, FullSail Live, and 2013 experience{dev} event.


Short Bio

Jason is an experienced creative director, designer, and writer. He is CEO at Envy, a web consultancy making things like Code School.

Long Bio

Jason is CEO of Envy, a web consultancy making things like Code School, and building digital products for Google, Cisco, GitHub, and O'Reilly. A former creative director and designer, he is the author of Branding Matters, a book on branding for small business, and Three Pipe Problems a book about solving problems through design. Jason lives in Orlando, FL with his wife and three kiddos. He's an ex-swimmer, amateur cyclist, and borderline crazy UNC Tarheel fan. He likes bourbon. And wine. And short sentences.

Most Recent Talk

A Study In Pixels
Front End Design Conf: PDX — August, 2014
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Highlighted Talks

Building Great Products Through Empathy
Experience: Dev — February, 2014
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Three Pipe Problems
Front End Design Conference, June 2012
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The East Wing
Interview with Tim Smith, August 2012
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Code School Live
RailsWayCon, June 2012
Berlin, Germany

Mobile Design Process
ConvergeSE, April 2012
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