Jason VanLue)

I wrote a couple books.

    Three Pipe Problems Book Image
  • Three Pipe Problems

    A hand-crafted book exploring how design solves problems.There are real problems to be solved in this world—Three Pipe Problems. Design can solve these problems. We're designers, which means we get the opportunity and the privilege to solve them. What are we doing with that opportunity?

    Three Pipe Problems Book Image Three Pipe Problems Book Image

    This book explores that very question. We'll look back at some design history, discuss how design solves problems, why design matters, and how to change the world around us through design. The book also features over 20 hand-drawn illustrations from Sean McCabe, and is produced using the finest, hand-crafted materials and production techniques.

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  • Branding Matters Book Image
  • Branding Matters

    Branding Matters is a book about branding for small business. Every product, business, or organization needs a solid brand. Too often, we think branding is just for those with fat budgets or a global reach.. Just because you have a small business doesn't mean you have to be stuck with a small brand.

    Branding Matters Book Image

    What if, by implementing 5 simple strategies, you could increase your customer base, increase customer loyalty, empower your staff, reduce stress, and start achieving a positive cash flow in your business...would you be interested? Yes. This book is written by a small business owner for small business owners. Branding Matters provides practical, real-life strategies and applications to help you build your brand and grow your business.

    It's time to learn how you can build a world-class brand; it's time to learn why branding matters.

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